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Blue Finch Films Boards Sales On SXSW Selected COLD WALLET

Updated: Feb 24

February 16th, 2024 – UK based sales and distribution outfit Blue Finch Films has boarded worldwide rights to thriller COLD WALLET directed by Cutter Hodierne (Sundance AwardedFishing Without Nets), presented by Steven Soderbergh. Winner of Decentralized Pictures and Soderbergh’s Andrews/Bernard Award, the film will have its world premiere at SXSW 2024 as part of the Narrative Spotlight section. Soderbergh said of the film, "This smart, spiky, off-center take on the vigilante genre really kept me engrossed in a how-much-crazier-is-this-going-to-get way, which I love."

After losing everything in a cryptocurrency scam, a ragtag team of vigilante Redditors attempt to kidnap the kingpin who screwed them over. But when the home invasion takes a turn for the worst, they become victims in a sadistic game. The film stars Raul Castillo (Cassandro), Melonie Diaz (The First Purge), with Tony Cavalero (The Righteous Gemstones), and Josh Brener (Silicon Valley), as well as Zoe Winters (Succession).

Cold Wallet was penned by John Hibey (Fishing Without Nets) who also produced the project alongside Benjamin Wiessner (Werewolves Within) on behalf of Vanishing Angle, and Cutter Hodierne. The film is based on an idea for a young adult crypto heist movie by Justin Staple and adapted into a story by John Hibey and Cutter Hodierne. Derek McMurtry, Justin Staple, Raul Castillo, Melonie Diaz, Tony Cavalero, Josh Brener, Leo Matchett, Michael Musante and Matt Miller served as executive producers. 

Cutter Hodierne’s debut feature filmFishing Without Nets, a critically acclaimed Somali pirate thriller from Vice Films, won Best Director at Sundance. Previous winners of this prestigious award include Darren Aronofsky, Noah Baumbach, the Daniels, Robert Eggers, and Ava DuVernay among others. Cutter was the youngest among them. “Cold Wallet is an urgent story of class warfare, set in a darkly comedic space that is the world of crypto. It's fun. It's thrilling. And it's a movie for right right now. I’m so proud of this cast for pulling this off beyond my wildest imaginations. Cold Wallet is a conversation piece that crosses between the worlds of film, tech and the fabric of American culture, which is why SXSW is the perfect place to premiere. I found a fully committed, super creative and gung-ho ally in Derek McMurtry and Test Pilot Productions. In Decentralized Pictures, we have a groundbreaking partner in the film financing/crypto space. And in Steven Soderbergh I’ve had a chance to be supported by one of my biggest heroes,” says Cutter Hodierne.

Blue Finch’s international slate also includes SXSW 2024 titleBirdeater, Yerzhanov’s Steppenwolf which premiered at Rotterdam, SXSW Narrative Competition winner and BIFA nominated Raging Grace.

March 8 @ Violet Crown Cinema 2 (434 W 2nd St., Austin TX 78701) - 2:00pm—3:24pm

March 8 @ Violet Crown Cinema 4 (434 W 2nd St., Austin TX 78701) - 2:30pm—3:54pm

March 9 @ Violet Crown Cinema 1 (434 W 2nd St., Austin TX 78701) - 11:00am—12:24pm

March 9 @ Violet Crown Cinema 3 (434 W 2nd St., Austin TX 78701) - 11:30am—12:54pm

March 13 @ Violet Crown Cinema 1 (434 W 2nd St., Austin TX 78701) - 9:15pm—10:39pm

March 13 @ Violet Crown Cinema 3 (434 W 2nd St., Austin TX 78701) - 9:45am—11:09pm


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