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Animal Kingdom Series TNT (2021)

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Animal Kingdom TV Series Season 5 on TNT

Here in Oceanside, we see a lot of cool stuff every day. Just taking a stroll down the strand will certainly offer an opportunity to be amazed. Oh, and Animal Kingdom is filmed here.

On Set & Behind the Scene

Shooting behind the scenes on the set of Animal Kingdom this summer in Oceanside, California was a blast. The crew on this set is top notch professional and the actors were super nice. Jake Weary (Deran Cody) took the time to take pictures with fans and engage in small talk with locals more than once and the fans walked away with precious moments for life.

I can not post a lot of the images and videos due to the spoiler factor and production rules so I just wanted to share a few set images of season 2021 for all the Animal Kingdom family to enjoy while the season finale becomes available.

In the above image: Jake Weary, Shawn Hatosy

In the above image: Jake Weary, Shawn Hatosy

In the above image: Michael Beasley

In the above image: Jake Weary sits in the background reading a book while Shawn Hatosy goes over the safety meeting on an upcoming stunt scene.

Well, hope you enjoy the BTS images, and don't forget to head over to Animal Kingdom TNT to watch all new episode of your favorite show.

Season 5

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