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Our Story

Massive Action Media (MAACME) originated as an action sports media company, initially covering local events in the Southern California region of the USA. Our objective was to produce premium content while championing local emerging talent in the action sports scene. Over the years, MAACME experienced significant growth, broadening its focus to encompass a wider array of coverage.


Owing to our proximity to Hollywood and shared interests, we've diversified into the entertainment business, specifically film and music. Our coverage extends beyond traditional action sports to include music and film festivals, red-carpet events, entertainment awards, and more.


What sets us apart from the other mass media companies? 


  1. How much we pay our creatives

  2. The value we provide our clients

  3. The quality of content we demand for our site

  4. Excellent customer service!

  5. **NEW** Generative AI Technology Integration

  6. **NEW** Likeness Royalties Program

From the outset, MAACME has consistently placed a high priority on helping others, and this commitment struck a chord with individuals in the industries we cater to. It is this ethical approach to both business and life that has propelled our growth beyond our initial expectations. Our expansion has been constrained only by our unwavering dedication to the foundational principles of being sufficiently large to make a meaningful impact on more individuals while remaining small enough to maintain a personal connection with everyone we serve.

Our passion for this company and its offerings runs deep. At Massive Action Media, our priority is consistently placed on quality, forging meaningful partnerships, and fostering genuine friendships, prioritizing these over mere sales. We aspire to create an environment where the most dedicated creatives can flourish, newcomers are provided opportunities reminiscent of our own beginnings, and clients receive the utmost quality content to fuel the growth of their interests.


Our staff looks at every asset uploaded to verify that it meets our strict quality control standards!

Visit our Contributors page for details about how we take care of our creatives HERE.

Visit our Affiliates page for details about how we take care of our partners HERE.

The Future of MAACME

At MAACME, we proudly pioneer a groundbreaking initiative, offering registered high-profile individuals a royalty for the use of their likeness. Contributors who upload content featuring a high-profile individual as the main focus will be obligated to pay a royalty on a tiered schedule from their earnings to the registered individual. The launch of this program is scheduled for January 01, 2025, and comprehensive details will be made available 60 days before its commencement. Are you a VIP? Learn more.

We thank each and every one of you who continues to make MAACME the company it is today. - Staff


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