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What we offer!

What do we offer our exclusive contributors?

We typically pay 85% royalties!

How do we help our contributors get more sales?

AI Generative Rotation Technology

What kind of content do we need?

Premium footage, imagery, music, sfx, illustrations 

What gear do I need to become a contributor?

Professional equipment is required

Can I sell to other companies?

We are looking for exclusive creators only at this time

How often do I get paid?

*All contributors get paid on the last Friday of each month

What do I make on AI-generated content?

Contributors will be paid a shared percentage of the generated product.  For instance, if a generated photo is made by using four images by four different contributors the royalty split is 25% per contributor after fees.  So if the product, in this example a photo, sells for $100.00 this would be the breakdown:

$100.00 sale - MAACME fee of 15% = $85.00

$85.00 divided by 4 = $21.25 

Each contributor would gross $21.25** on this image.

Ready to join our team?

*Some restrictions may apply.

**Assumes all contributors are all exclusive.

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