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------------------------------------------[ Revised effective February 11, 2023 ]------------------------------------------


Please read this policy in its entirety.  If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us using one of the contact methods at the bottom of this page.


Massive Action Media (MAACME) is the sole owner and operator of the website, media stock marketplace (platform), and all other related websites and mobile applications of MAACME brand.  We are not responsible for data on other websites we may use for marketing such as social media.  This policy only covers the directly owned online sites under the MAACME brand.

Any person or business entity that accesses or uses our website is accepting the terms herein for the collection, use, processing, and sharing of your personal or business entity information/data in accordance with this policy.

MAACME is committed to protecting your privacy. This policy tells you about our collection, use, processing and sharing of your personal information and our use of cookies. It also describes the choices available to you regarding our use of your personal information and how you can access and update this information. The terms of this policy apply to all personal information collected by Massive Action Media on or through our Website. It also describes the choices available to you regarding our use of your personal information and how you can access and update this information.


Collection of Personal Information 

  • Information collected when you set up a MAACME account or visit our Website including identifiers such as your member name and password, your name, your mailing and resident address, email address, and phone number. Passwords are collected and stored in an encrypted format by an automated process.

  • Information collected when you make a content license purchase, including identifiers such as your billing address, payment information and if applicable, your VAT identification number. As noted below under “Payment Gateways”, payment information such as your credit/debit card or financial account number is provided through a secure tunnel interface directly to a 3rd party payment processor, and is not accessible to or collected by us.

  • Commercial information including information you provide us about your business such as company name, company size, business type and content searched for, provided or downloaded by you, and amount paid to or by you.

  • Information collected about your device, your activity, and use of our offerings including your IP address, the type of device accessing the Website (for example mobile phone or desktop), browser type, referring/exit pages, and operating system, and we store and associate this information with your MAACME Website account.

  • If you become aMAACME content contributor, certain additional information may be requested and collected when you sign-up as a contributor or modify your MAACME account, including (i) financial information such as banking and other financial institution or payment gateway information required in order for us to compensate you; (ii) identifiers such as your government taxpayer identification number, required in order for us to prepare tax information documents; (iii) background information about you and your content that we determine is needed to assist us in marketing your Content, identifiers that enable us to confirm your identity or your rights to the content you are providing to us; and (iv) as an additional identifier, a copy of your photo identification (for example, your driver's license). We do not sell this information and only collect, use, or disclose such information in accordance with this policy.


You may always choose not to provide personal information, but if you so choose, you may be ineligible to be a Website content contributor or customer, or participate in or complete transactions on our Website and/or certain other services may not be available to you.


Cookies | Tracking Technologies 

We may use MAACME and third-party cookies and other tracking technologies to facilitate Website users' use of the Website, for example, to keep track of Internet or other electronic network activity information such as information regarding Website users’ preferences, Website activity, and profile information and the IP address of the devices the Website users use to access the Website, which may include identifiers and geolocation information. The information enables us to link such information to the Website users’ MAACME accounts and provides verification of their identifying information. Cookies and other tracking technologies are also used to collect general usage and volume statistical information that does not include personal information.


Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to better understand website visitors so that we may better serve you.  To understand what they collect and how they may store this information please visit:

Google Analytics please visit:


Managing Your Preferences

You may choose to opt out of the collection of cookies by choosing your preference on the pop-up when you first visit our website or by using your browser security settings.  Blocking the collection of cookies can adversely affect how the website functions and may prevent the ability to use the website.  By blocking or deleting cookies MAACME functions may become unusable or work improperly.  Most if not all modern websites are designed with the collection of cookies as part of the overall technology used to create the best overall experience for users.


How Your Personal Information May Be Used

  • Tracking technologies such as cookies and identifiers are used to collect data to better serve you while using our website.  This data is used for many purposes on our site which may include your personal account preferences on the site and transaction history but varies depending our how the site is used.  The data and use of said data will largely depend on the type of account you have (contributor, affiliate, buyer, etc).

  • For contributors and affiliates, this data collection can also be necessary to verify users' identity which is required to safely process payments to your financial institutions or online web payment providers.  This data which may include identity verification information is also required for tax reporting.  Some third-party services may be used in conjunction with our services.  These service providers are responsible for providing you with their own privacy policies and we encourage you to always read them for your protection on and off our website.

  • Contributors' data and identity information are collected along with an IP address when uploading content for the purpose of fraud tracking in the ever-growing black market of online content theft.  

  • This is not an exhaustive list of uses that may be required for our website and/or service and we will continue to update this policy as we learn of other ways we require your data to provide stellar services or comply with legal requirements as they become necessary.


Information Obtained Regarding Third Parties

Third-party information that is shared with us is only used for the reason(s) it was provided for by them. 


Information Sharing & Disclosure 

We do not sell your personal information! Ever!

The sharing of your personal information will only happen if required by law or on your behalf to perform a task at your request.  This includes things like payment processing, audits, purchases, host websites, and servers which may be performed by third parties and require relevant personal information to perform their task on your behalf.  Most third-party providers are by choice of the users and therefore not in any way under our control.  We do not currently share or collect information through Massive Action Media outside of the United States.  California residents are encouraged to read the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the California Privacy Right Act (CPRA) for more information specifically applying to them.  We follow all known Acts by Governments we engage in business to the best of our knowledge.

Future sharing or disclosure of your information may come about in mergers or other unforeseen circumstances so this policy serves as an ongoing document that may change over time.  You will be updated about any changes as they occur and prior to going into effect so that you may have the time to review and make changes to your preferences.


Payment Gateways & Processors

We use third-party payment processors for the purchase of content and products on our website.  You are encouraged to read their privacy policies to be informed about how they collect, use, and store that information.  In some cases users may also have these payment gateways set up as ways to receive money from Massive Action Media which may require the processor and Massive Action Media to share some personal or business information to complete your requested transactions.


Links to Other Internet Sites

MAACME is only responsible for the privacy of data held on its own website and through its own actions.  Each website used may have its own privacy policies and we encourage you to check with them prior to engaging with them.



Although we strive to provide the most private and secure website to our ability and beyond the standards of common nothing is 100% safe and secure online.  We work hard to constantly seek new technologies that can better serve our users and will update as often as possible when those technologies become available.  If you have any security concerns please feel free to contact us using the contact information at the bottom of this page.


Restriction and/or Deletion of your Personal Information

We abide by the laws set forth in our jurisdiction about the collection and storage of your personal data.  In California, you can request the deletion of this information.  This however does not guarantee that all data will be removed as some data is required for the legal protection of others who become connected to you and your information through means of purchasing, selling, and licensing of content on our website.  We must keep accurate records for specified time frames stated within these contracts.  You can request copies of these contracts, what personal information we have on file, when it was collected, and so on by contacting us using the methods below.  


Email Marketing Opt-Out

To opt out of email marketing please click the link in the bottom of the email.  You may also visit your account preferences and change the settings or contact us if you are having any issues.  You can not opt out of required emails for communications about your account as they are a basic necessity to perform our agreements with you and others now bound through the legal process.


Notification of Privacy Policy Changes

This page is updated as any changes to our privacy policy are made.  You will be informed of upcoming changes at least 30 days prior to them becoming active so that you can read and make any necessary changes through your account.  You are encouraged to visit this page regularly in case the email sent to update you went to junk mail or was accidentally deleted.  The current version is listed at the top of the page and is generally checked with to without changes each year.  Websites outside of our but that may be used by us on your behalf may also change their policies.  Once again, you are encouraged to view their website and read their current privacy policy.


Contact Information 

You can contact us about this privacy policy by emailing us at the address below:



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