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Dennis Farina (1944-2013)

Dennis Farina - (February 29, 1944 to July 22, 2013)


Dennis Farina, known for his authentic portrayals of law enforcement officers and charismatic tough guys, passed away on July 22, 2013, at the age of 69. Born on February 29, 1944, in Chicago, Illinois, Farina's extensive career in film and television was marked by memorable roles in productions like "Law & Order" and "Midnight Run." His passing in Scottsdale, Arizona, was a significant loss to the entertainment industry, where he was beloved for his robust performances and genuine persona.

➱ Dennis Farina on Acting

"Acting came late to me, but I've always believed in being as real as possible. No pretense. If you're honest in your role, the audience will believe you." Dennis Farina's approach to acting was heavily influenced by his earlier career as a Chicago police officer, which brought a sense of authenticity and gravitas to his performances that few actors could match.

➱ Co-Stars and Colleagues Remembrances

Farina's co-stars often praised his professionalism and natural charisma. Joe Mantegna, a fellow actor and long-time friend, described him as "one of the most genuine and straightforward people you could ever meet. He brought his real-life experience to his roles, and it showed." His ability to blend his policing background with his acting brought a unique credibility to his performances.

➱ Legacy Beyond the Screen

Beyond his work in film and television, Dennis Farina made a significant impact through his portrayal of realistic, complex characters. He was also known for his charitable work, particularly in supporting law enforcement communities and youth programs in his hometown of Chicago. Farina's legacy is characterized not only by his contributions to the arts but also by his commitment to giving back to the community.

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An interesting trivia about Dennis Farina is that before his acting career took off, he served for 18 years in the Chicago Police Department, reaching the rank of detective. This real-world experience not only informed his acting but also made him especially fit for roles that required a tough, authoritative presence, making him a favorite for crime dramas and action films.


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