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Gone but Never Forgotten (2024)

Updated: Feb 28

Updated 02/11/2024

The passing of high-profile individuals, particularly musicians and celebrities, often resonates deeply with fans and communities worldwide. These figures, who have shared their talents and lives in the public eye, become part of our collective memory and cultural landscape. Their contributions to the arts, entertainment, and humanitarian efforts leave an indelible mark on society, making their loss feel personal to many. As we reflect on the legacies of those we've lost, it's important to celebrate the joy and inspiration they brought into our lives, even as we mourn their passing. The following list pays tribute to the luminaries who have left us in 2024.



01/04/2024: David Soul, best known for playing detective Kenneth "Hutch" Hutchinson on TV's Starsky & Hutch, died on Jan. 4 at age 80

Born: August 28, 1943 Chicago, IL

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01/12/2024: Actor Alec Musser has died at age 50. His fiancée Paige Press announced the news on her Instagram Story, writing, "RIP to the love of my life. I will never stop loving you. My heart is broken."

Born: 04/11/1973 New York, NY

Died: 01/12/2024 Del Mar, CA (Age 50) Related Articles:

Related Hashtags: #Actor #AlecMusser #RIP


01/22/2024: Gary Graham, best known for his role in Star Trek: Enterprise, died at 73 on Jan. 22. The actor’s ex-wife, Susan Lavelle, shared the news in a Facebook post. “It is with deep profound sadness to say that Gary Graham, my ex husband, amazing actor and father of our beautiful only child together, Haylee Graham, has passed away today,” she wrote in the tribute.

Born: 06/06/1950 Long Beach, CA

Died: 01/22/2024 Spokane, WA (Age 73)

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Related Hashtags: #Actor #GaryGraham #RIP




02/01/2024: Carl Weathers, known for roles in RockyPredator and The Mandalorian, has died at the age of 76. His family confirmed the news in a statement to Deadline and Variety, saying that he "died peacefully in his sleep." "We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Carl Weathers," said the family, adding, "Carl was an exceptional human being who lived an extraordinary life. Through his contributions to film, television, the arts and sports, he has left an indelible mark and is recognized worldwide and across generations. He was a beloved brother, father, grandfather, partner and friend."

Born: 01/14/1948 New Orleans, LA

Died: 02/01/2024 Los Angeles, CA (Age 76)

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02/05/2024: Country singer Toby Keith, known for hits such as “Red Solo Cup” and “Should Have Been a Cowboy,” died on Feb. 5 after being diagnosed with stomach cancer in fall 2021. He was 62. "Toby Keith passed peacefully last night on Feb. 5 surrounded by his family," his family shared in a statement. “He fought his fight with grace and courage." 

Born: 07/08/1961 Clinton, OK

Died: 02/05/2024 Oklahoma (Age 62)

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02/09/2024: Jimmy Van Eaton, an early rock 'n' roll drummer who played at Sun Records, dies at 86.

Born: December 23, 1937

Died: February 09, 2024 (Age 86)

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02/28/2024: Richard Lewis, an iconic comedian has passed at the age of 76.

Born: June 29, 1947

Died: February 28, 2024 (Age 76)

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Related Hashtags: #RichardLewis #RIP #Comedian




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Actor Christian Oliver was killed in a plane crash in January. Oliver, known for films including Speed Racer and The Baby-Sitters Club, was 51.

Harry Johnson, well known for his roles on Battlestar Galactica and Law & Order, died at age 81.



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