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Red Carpet Coverage: Road House Premiere, SXSW (2024)

Updated: Mar 12

See the Road House (2024) Trailer and Details HERE

Excitement electrified the air as fans eagerly awaited the arrival of superstars Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor McGregor, and Post Malone. Barricades contained the enthusiastic crowd, many of whom brandished signs and memorabilia, hoping for autographs. John Supremo, reporting on the scene, described the atmosphere as excited yet relaxed as the first SUV appeared.

Billy Magnussen ("Game Night") was among the first to greet fans, offering personal moments before proceeding to the red carpet. Around the same time, Dominique Columbus made his way onto the red carpet, followed by Lukas Gage, who shared some moments with fans. The arrival of Conor McGregor stirred a whirlwind of excitement, with fans clamoring for the UFC champion's attention. McGregor briefly graced the red carpet before returning to the fans for additional interaction.

As the excitement momentarily waned, Jake Gyllenhaal emerged from a sleek black Cadillac, reigniting the crowd's fervor as they chanted his name, eager for a glimpse. He spent a considerable amount of time engaging with fans before joining the others on the red carpet.

As some spectators began to disperse, the audience moved toward the Paramount Theater for the premiere, featuring the cast. In a dramatic last-minute entrance, Post Malone arrived, immersing himself in the crowd, always finding time for his fans.

An unforeseen event occurred during the film when Conor McGregor's manager suffered from dehydration and fainted. Demonstrating genuine concern, McGregor stayed with his manager until he was hydrated and stable, showcasing his care for his team. The manager was reported to be in good condition, and McGregor then attended the "Road House" after-party.

This concludes our coverage of the "Road House" Premiere in Austin, Texas. Special thanks to John Supremo for his reportage. Stay tuned as the Film Festival continues. For more updates, follow us on X at the link below.




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